Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Project 365: Week 25

Nearly half way through the year! Week 25: in which I was brought a delivery of Percy Pigs, the sun set once or twice, I took a sneaky-peak around a tumbledown abandoned woollen mill, and made meringues which turned out to be easy but caught me out timewise so that they didn't get eaten until midnight:

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The Old Mill

Visiting nearby friends at the weekend who live in an old mill, they happened to mention the neighbouring mill hidden in the woods. Well, naturally we insisted on going to take a peak... Lots of stinging nettles, a river crossing, and plenty of peeking through windows later we discovered this:

IMG_4008 IMG_3988

20th June IMG_3999

IMG_3990 IMG_3993

Yarn still threaded across the looms, spinning wheels, and shelves full of colourful bobbins that look like they've been left just as they were abandoned, whenever that was. The roof is now falling down, and a couple of trees have fallen onto the waterwheel at the end. It's obviously been like that for a long time, but it is amazing. Not museumy touristy this-is-how-we-once-lived amazing, but genuinely untouched amazing, like peering through the (albeit very dirty) windows of history. There were some electric lights strung up dangling from the ceiling so it can't be fairy-tale ancient, but I am guessing they were powered by the waterwheel. I'd love to know when it was last working. I must do some research!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Project 365: Week 24

In which I started my very first lace, got confused with the pattern, and then lost it when the cable fell off my circular needle, ho hum. Also in which I watched a very large swan inexplicably fly into a pedestrian crossing Trefechan bridge, grapple with him for a few moments, flop inelegantly into the road, and then wobble around holding up traffic and hissing at anyone who got anywhere near it. I was not as brave as this man who eventually managed to shoo it off the bridge, and back into the harbour.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Project 365: Week 23

In which I particularly liked the dancing water!

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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Me! Me!

Having just discovered that the internet meme is not, as I rather fancied, a corruption of Me! Me!, I am rather disappointed. The real (and by real, obviously I mean Wikipedia) definition is rather more technical. I will stick with my version, and answer one which if not directly tagged, has been directed at me surrepticiously by Elizabeth.

Here we go then:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Hmm. In between the 2nd and 3rd years of my Geography degree in Aberystwyth I think. I seem to remember I spent most of the summer bimbling round mid-Wales collecting soil, and then digesting it in the laboratory. Little did I know this dissertation would be the start of the theme for the next 6 years of my life (I am now intimate with the soils of the mid-Wales mining field, and indeed the grasses and sheep that grow and graze on them)! I think I also escaped to Scotland to bum around for a while, but I couldn't tell you exactly when; 10 years and a lot of studying sheep has addled my brain.

What are the 5 things on my to do list for today (in no particular order)
Well it's late now, so there's not much left, but they are:
1. Finish this blog!
2. Upload Ravelry 365 photos
3. Make some dinner
4. Eat it
5. Collapse into bed
Edit: Now just the last one left!

Snacks I enjoy
Cheese, crisps, anything salty, and
anything with avocado. Surprising it seems for a knitter, I am no chocoholic.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Buy a nice bit of land nearby and build a small, funky house, preferably with a hand-made lopsided character, and a studio to fill with crafty things, including much yarn. And then I have no idea! Charity yes, but how I would choose I don't know! Actually I wouldn't want to be a billionaire, I think it would be awful. Someone else can keep the billions.

Places I’ve lived
In order: Eastbourne, Brighton, Aberystwyth (and then Borth, Llanbadarn, Moriah, Rhydyfelin, Llanafan and probably other mid-Welsh villages that I've temporarily forgotten, and then back to Aberystwyth again).

People I want to know more about
Everyone. Including myself.

I've just read that back, and it is as dull as I expected it to be. I think it would be interesting to write it again another day, and see if it's entirely different according to my mood.
Edit: Okay, judging on this one, maybe not interesting.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Project 365: Week 22

In which I purchased very dated magazine from a charity shop (which I nevertheless hope will answer all my sewing prayers, despite the scariness of the girl onthe front cover), knitted very little, made potato cakes, sought out bubbles; both geological and otherwise, and sneakily walked behind Sgwd Yr Eira (Waterfall of Snow) in the Brecon Beacons, even though that now involves merrily climbing over the barrier telling you not too. It's not safe. Don't try it at home.

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Ooh, and I'm very excited: some people are knitting the tea cosy on Ravelry. I cannot describe how unbelievably chuffed I am that anyone has even gone and looked at it. Woo-hoo! :-)